Elizabeth Haines

"Ouray and I both wake up excited to go the Naples Dog Park. In fact, Ouray no longer eats until we get back. This park adds to the quality of both our lives daily. I have made life-long friendships due to visiting this park. We are grateful that we are always welcomed by wagging tails and "Hellos!""

Dave Whitcomb

"Our pet Mara enjoys the park almost daily and it is a wonderful place for canine and human community gathering"

Dalton Murphy

"It's a great way to start my day off. Sheba and I won't miss it !!!"

Rosalyn Polak

"I want the dog park to continue to be well maintained."

Diane Myers

"We love this park and want to help make it even more enjoyable for everyone."

Nicole Casagrande

"We are very lucky to have this amazing dog park. It makes my dog Luna happy to run off leash and play with her “friends “. I must admit, I enjoy going just as much."